August 2014 Music Education Blog carnival


This blog carnival is a collection of posts about teaching music. The blogs were submitted by a variety of people in the music education community over the past month. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this month’s carnival! You can go back and read the posts from June (Host: Justine Dolorfino) and July (Host: Aileen Miracle). September’s carnival will be hosted by Amy Willis Burns. If you are able to host one month, please contact Justine here.

Recycled Percussion by Catie Dwinal (@musiccargirl14)- Through the Quaver Curriculum, students learn about instrument families and get to create their own instruments using left-over office supplies. 

Puppets – A Newfound Love by Christine Skog (@msmusic4life88) – Use stuffed animals (beat buddies), puppets and finger puppets to help students with beat, form, and solo singing.

BAG No More by Jennifer at The Yellow Brick Road (@theylbrickroad)- A different approach to beginning recorder connecting literacy and solfege with instrumental technique.

Best Notation Apps for iPad by Katie Wardrobe (@katiesw1) – A review of Noteflight, Notion, and Notate Me for use on iPads by teachers and students.

3 Summer Practice Tips for Young Musicians by Donna Schwartz (@donnasax)- Tips to share with students to keep them motivated to practice during summer (and other) breaks.

Cross Curricular by Any Other Name is…Cross-Curricular by Karen Stafford – Thoughts on integrating music with other subjects both in the music room and regular classroom, keeping learning relevant and interesting.

10 Strategies for Rhythmic Reading and Writing by Aileen Miracle (@aileenmiracle) – 10 activities to engage students in reading and writing rhythms using manipulatives, games, whiteboards and flashcards.

STOMP: A Rhythm Composition Unit by Jennifer Chobotiuk (@musicmom99) – Create rhythmic compositions in the style of the musical group “STOMP” using everyday objects. 

Carnival of the Animals – Piano Carnival by Anne Lyon – Use the free iPad app “Piano Carnival” to learn about Saint-Saen’s “Carnival of the Animals” using pictures, videos, and music. 

Questions to Ponder as You Setup Your Music Classroom by Tracy King (@tracyking)- Guiding questions and suggestions to help teachers create an organized, functional space for a variety of music classes. 

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4 Responses to August 2014 Music Education Blog carnival

  1. Jennifer says:

    First of all, thank you for hosting this carnival! I’m looking forward to reading through all the posts. However, I noticed that when I clicked on my link, it appears to direct me to the mobile layout of my blog rather than the desktop. I’m not sure if it’s the link, or if it’s just me, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask you about it 🙂

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