Just take the compliment!

I am often irritated when people won’t take a compliment. It often seems that when I show my appreciation for something someone has done they come up with excuses as to why their accomplishment isn’t as great as I think it is. Often I find myself quipping, “Just take the compliment!”

I need to listen to my own advice.

Today the school choir which I lead participated in a community event to raise money & food for the local food bank. The choir sang for 15 minutes as part of the entertainment during the event. Once they were finished many parents, organizers & school admin took the time to personally thank me for bringing them to the event. I countered each “thank you” with comments like:

“It’s all part of the job.”

“Thank YOU for bringing your children.”

“The kids have worked so hard.”

Then a member of the admin team said, “I just wanted you to know that we appreciate what you have done.” In my head I could hear “Just take the compliment!” I acknowledged that it was great to be appreciated and that I was happy to help represent the school at the event.

Teachers often put much more into the job than their day to day teaching duties. When others take the time to show appreciation for all the extras we do we need to enjoy the acknowledgement and simply say, “you’re welcome.”

How well do you take a compliment?

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2 Responses to Just take the compliment!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I never thought much about this issue until reading your post. I’m terrible at accepting compliments and always have been. I have to make a conscious effort to look the person in the eye and say, “thank you”. You bring up an interesting point though, I wonder why it’s so difficult for some people to take a compliment. I always assumed it was because of my introverted nature, but maybe not…

    • I think many people worry they will be seen as arrogant if they simply accept that they are good at something. I think we can keep humble while still acknowledging our strengths.

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